Sunday, June 26, 2011

Malaysia Foods: Nasi Lemak

by fauziibrahim on 06/04/11 at 1:36 pm

Would you like to know about Malaysia? Lets start with the famous foods. This time I choose to share about Nasi Lemak.

If you are travel to Malaysia, I would like to recommend to you to try all the local foods because most of it you will never get it else where.
Lets us start with “Nasi Lemak” or Coconut Rice which is one the famous local cuisine.
You can refer to the photo above. Nasi Lemak is rice cook with coconut milk and normally serve with spicy chilly, fried anchovie, boild egg and sometime with cucumber and fried peanuts. Traditionally it will be serve on banana leave.
Here are how normally it been wrapped with Banana leaf.
How about the taste? It is mix of creamy, sweet, salty and spicy. Some tourist start to fall in love with it but scared that their calories would goes sky high because of the coconut. Nit to worry if you take it one a while it will not affect you.
Look yummy right? So when would be your trip to Malaysia? I recommended that you shouldn’t miss the opportunities to try it.By the way, normally Nasi Lemak is served during for breakfast. How much it will cost you? It is depending where do you buy it.It can start from RM1 to RM3.
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