Thursday, February 23, 2012

She Tells the Truth...Klebang Coconut Shake and Nasi Lemak

04 FEBRUARY 2012

Nasi Lemak

It's just really hard to find a rather tasty nasi lemak nowadays especially in the 
morning. You know, that feeling when you see a nasi lemak stall by the roadside 
and have a certain expectation towards the taste and somehow the first bite of taste 
is disappointing. The samballll for god sake can you people make it more spicy and 
pleaseeeeee clean the ikan bilis first.

Yesterday night, sister & family and I went to Carlos Two to have a try on their 
nasi lemak. They gave good remarks on the food but I wasn't too sure whether the 
nasi lemak wasn't 'kick' enough or my wisdom tooth problem was bothering me 
all the while.

If you may ask, I personally think the best nasi lemak is nasi lemak Zaman 
at Gambang, Kuantan. We used to go there for breakfast & 1 pack of nasi lemak 
was never enough. Then just recently, the one at Klebang Milkshake and the 
one in Melati, the taste was so close to perfect I usually want to cry before eating. 
Hehe drama drama drama.

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