Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Personal View On Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak, of course

Digital 5 Editorial - Monday Nov 21, 4.27PM |

By Erik Yoong

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s imperative that the meal be
 delicious and nutritious. 
Nasi lemak fits the bill because it is well-balanced and
appealing to the palate.  Nasi lemak has carbohydrates, fibre, fat and protein.
Fried anchovies, ground nuts and egg provide the protein whilst sliced cucumber
and kangkong provide fibre and rice has carbs, the much-needed energy booster.
The rice is usually steamed with coconut milk and to make it more fragrant,
pandan leaf is used in the preparation.   Although some detractors claim that
too much coconut milk is 
detrimental to health, this is a fallacy.

There have been suggestions that evaporated milk be used as a substitute.
Many people living in the tropics, 
however,  have low tolerance for milk,
which may upset their stomachs.  The chili in the sambal promotes health and
is usually the most critical item in the nasi lemak.  When the sambal is out of this world,
it makes the nasi lemak great. Little wonder it is more popular than roti canai.

Nasi lemak is often served on a banana leaf. The latent heat in the steamed rice does not cause hazardous
fumes to emit from the leaf. Takeaway nasi lemak is also wrapped in banana leaf which retains the 
flavour for hours.
Roti canai, which is toasted, may sometimes be charred when prepared hastily over a hot flat pan.
Too much of that carcinogenic stuff every morning is not good. The south Indian roti is without doubt
also very appetising but beware of the overnight vegetable or meat curry, including the dhal.
Often the curries are made with a little more salt to appease the palate but they do not do the tongue 
nor throat any good.  These dips contain very little vegetable or meat and lack the nutrition.

Of course egg, sliced onion and chili may be wrapped in the roti to make it more aromatic but
high heat could just affect the nutritional value. Also, the dough is made from wheat flour.
Who knows if the wheat is genetically modified?

Personally I like nasi lemak more because it retains its flavour much longer. Try eating roti canai after it
has lost its crispiness. I really do not enjoy moist and limp bread when it is cold. 
Therefore, nasi lemak is my choice.

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