Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nasi Lemak Subang Jaya


Nasi Lemak Subang Jaya

I shove handfuls upon handfuls of Nasi Lemak in my mouth and the routine seems endless. I plough through determined to finish the Nasi lemak in front of me. I know my tummy is trying to tell me to slow down but I just can’t. It’s just sooo goood.

Pros Great value for money. Cheap but substantial breakfast option.

Cons Not a recommended work day breakfast. You'll be sleepy after a pack.
by Farah Photography Dallek Sun, December 18, 2011

There’s a reason why Makcik Yati and Pakcik Syafiq have successfully attracted customers to their little stall in Subang for the past 30 years. It’s because they treat their customers like family. If you’re a regular, they keep track, remembering your favourite lauk and sambal preferences. Sometimes preparing your Nasi Lemak just by a simple request of “Macam biasa ye, Pakcik?” (The regular order, Uncle.)

Some people call the Nasi Lemak here the working man’s Nasi Lemak. This is due to the generous heap of rice Makcik and Pakcik pile up in the individual packs. First time I ate here, I just couldn’t believe how much I’ve consumed. It is literally a mountain of rice. A full portion is made out of 2 huge scoops. Though the amount is quite intimidating but this is a lighter version of Nasi Lemak which has subtle hints of coconut. It’s not too rich so that’s why I could pack quite a lot of it away. 

Makcik Yati and Pakcik Syafiq have a heavy hand when they’re scooping up the rice for their loyal patrons. I keep this indulgence for the weekends because after finishing a packet, I’ll retreat into a carbo-induced slumber. Which probably won’t be advisable on a working day.

"Not for tiny tummies...gargantuan portions..delish.."

Even if you ask for ‘nasi separuh’ (halving the rice portion), it is still more than most full portions sold by other Nasi Lemak vendors. Best thing is, even though you get an incredibly hefty amount, it usually costs under RM5 for a packet. Great for when you’re waiting for that paycheck at the end of the month. Have a packet for breakfast and you’ll be full till dinnertime.

Another great thing here is the customized sambal. They have two types of sambal. If you like sweet sambal but shy away from heat, opt for the squid sambal. This consists of squid (dried and fresh) and blended chillies, onions and sugar cooked until the mixture turns into a deep red liquid.

If you prefer more kick to your sambal, choose the onion one. It’s orange in colour, made up of onion slices, anchovies, chillies and tamarind. It has a lovely tangy flavour and plenty of heat. With an expert flick of the ladle, Makcik Yati mixes the two sambals together. Combining just the right amount of each sambal she makes the perfect sweet and spicy sambal for me.

There’s also a bounty of lauks to choose from. The popular ones are the crispy fried potato slices and chilli squid. If these are your favourites come early because these are the ones that finishes first. Take your pick from rendang, ayam masak merah, sambal petai, omelette, fried chicken and sambal prawns.

They even have quite decent paru here too. Whatever you choose will go great with the Nasi Lemak. If Nasi Lemak’s not really your thing, they also sell fried kuey tiaw and mee goreng. It’s an impressive spread so you’re bound to find something you fancy.

Apart from their friendly nature and yummy food, I think Makcik Yati and Pakcik Syafiq keeps pulling in the crowd because of their sincerity. They don’t skimp on the rice and they genuinely care for the customers who come to their stall year after year. They know most of the families residing nearby. Most kids in the area have probably grown up with their Nasi Lemak for breakfast. And though they’ve grown up and moved away they still come back to this humble stall in Subang Jaya for their Nasi Lemak fix.

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